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Flooded Basement Restoration in Cincinnati & Dayton, OH

Your basement should offer both security and privacy in your home. A busted water pipe or sewer line can quickly cause this otherwise safe haven to become flooded with dirty sewage water. That is when you need an expert to come in and restore your flooded basement.

Our company specializes in repairing basement sewer damage. We have experience repairing damages due to basement flooding in homes throughout Cincinnati, OH, Dayton, OH and surrounding areas.

Basement flooding is sometimes a serious nerve-racking issue to handle. You frequently check out it homeowners who experience floods simply make an effort to clean up their cellar instead of also shielding it against future chances of basement flooding and only after it's too late.

Do You Need Services for Basement Flooding?

Basement flooding can cause severe damage, and the longer it remains flooded, the worse the damage becomes. That is why you need to seek professional assistance as soon as possible. Under no circumstances should you attempt to clean up basement sewer damage on your own. The sewage water contains dangerous bacteria such as E. coli and salmonella that will seriously jeopardize your health if you risk exposure.

Our restoration team has the equipment to clean up sewage safely. From safety gloves and masks to industrial-grade drying equipment, we have everything needed to extract the water and clean your basement without putting anyone at risk. We take a methodical approach to repair the damages from basement flooding, and once the job is finished, your basement will look just as it did before the accident that caused such a huge mess.

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Prompt Restoration for Your Flooded Basement

The first thing we do upon arriving at your home or business is to inspect the area to determine the extent of the damage in your flooded basement. This allows us to create a drying and restoration plan that is fast and efficient. The next thing we do is bring in truck-mounted equipment to extract all of the standing water. Then we utilize our advanced drying equipment and dehumidifiers to dry out the walls, floors, and ceilings.

Once your basement is completely dry, we begin repairing the basement sewer damage. This involves salvaging what items we can, as well as deodorizing the air. If there is mold growth in your basement, we can provide mold remediation to eliminate it. Your basement will be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized by the time we finish the restoration process.

Your house can be damaged a lot more than by basement flood. Flood may lead to health issues, at the same time, with mildew and mold infestations resulting in allergies and respiratory difficulties. It's much more easy to prevent basement flooding having a stormwater management strategy that is clear than it's to clean up after. Mud is hefty and water is not safe when electricity exists. Storm water management and routine review as well as care of your property may prevent basement flooding, maintaining your property complete as well as your family.

Contact us today for emergency assistance with basement sewer damage. We proudly serve Cincinnati, OH, Dayton, OH and surrounding areas.